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EXPOSED: Fake, Franken and Custom Watches Course


IDEAL FOR: Senior or experienced retail and pawnbroking professionals involved in the buying, selling or authenticating of luxury watches and timepieces.

This course is a combination of presentation combined with handling practical examples and is intended for those involved in either buying, authenticating or valuing watches whether as a business or for private interest. This one day course will provide a detailed insight into fake watches and how to identify them including the latest innovations in fake watch production, watches formed from a combination of parts – known as ‘Franken-watches’, as well as examining watches that started out as authentic and have subsequently been modified.  Delegates will understand the significance of after-market modifications and their impact on value. Provides 6 hours Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity.

Refreshments are available throughout the day; a sandwich lunch is included in the course price.

Course Content

    • An overview of the watch faking industry including the history and current state.
    • The importance of knowledge and experience – and how to obtain it
    • The approach to take when assessing a watch
    • A step-by-step analysis of every part of the watch including movements and the latest developments in movement faking 
    • What is a Franken-watch?
    • Examples of common types of Franken-watch and how to spot them.
    • Discussion of the value, if any, of Franken-watches.
    • Why watches are customised
    • Differing levels of customisation and their implications for service or sale
    • Spotting customisation
    • How to describe custom watches for resale
    • Renumbering and cloning
    • The purposes of different kinds of valuation and why they are not interchangeable.
    • Finding the correct comparison
    • Basing your valuation on your disposal method or relevant market value
    • Variable depreciation by brand
    • Impact of aftermarket intervention on resale value
    • Rarities

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9:30A.M. - 4:30P.M.

presented by

Adrian Hailwood MA (HONS) Geoff Whitefield FIRV, FNAG


£295.00 per delegate + VAT

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venue location

Icknield Street entrance
AnchorCert Academy
(The Assay Office)
B18 6RZ

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